Edenwald’s history of caring goes back more than a century. It began in June 1881, when The General German Aged People’s Home of Baltimore, Edenwald’s predecessor, was officially incorporated by the State of Maryland.

Established as a secure, caring and comfortable home for older German citizens, this facility became known as the Greisenheim. Originally located in downtown Baltimore, the Greisenheim moved in 1936 to a modern, gracious building in the Irvington section of Baltimore City.

Entering our second century of outstanding care, in the early 1980s, The Greisenheim merged with another senior care center. Needing room for expansion, land in Towson was purchased from Goucher College, and Edenwald developed into the well-known and respected community of today.

Edenwald continues to evolve, reflecting the needs of its residents today and in the future. Edenwald introduced The Terraces, a luxurious extension of the community which opened in May of 2008. 

Edenwald is governed as a not-for-profit entity by The General German Aged People’s Home of Baltimore, Inc., and is not affiliated with any religious or ethnic organization. All qualified applicants are considered for residency without regard to race, color, creed, sex or national origin. Edenwald residents come from all backgrounds, races, faiths and ethnicities. We are proud of the extraordinary lifestyle we provide to each and every resident of the Edenwald community.