Having a say in the Edenwald community

At Edenwald, the voice of our residents is clearly heard. We welcome the role they play in governing the Edenwald community. One way they do this is through the Edenwald Residents' Association.

Made up of more than 25 committees that not only organize resident activities, but also help maintain quality of life, the Residents' Association is integral to the extraordinary Edenwald lifestyle. The goal of the Residents' Association is to foster the care and services that Edenwald offers. Also, the Association maintains a partnership between residents, the administrative staff and the Edenwald Board of Directors. Through committees and various programs, the Residents' Association allows Edenwald residents to effectively communicate their opinions, giving them a say that makes a difference. The meetings also provide a venue for residents to share impactful news and happenings with each other.

The Edenwald Residents' Association meets monthly. In addition, there are numerous opportunities to take an active role serving as an officer or on a committee within the Association.