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Stroh Hall Comprehensive Nursing Care

Eden Place and Hoerich’s Hall Memory Care

Therapeutic Garden


Learn, grow, and thrive — for life.

Residents thrive at Edenwald, in part, because they take comfort in knowing their health care needs are top priority—they can enjoy life with peace of mind.

Edenwald offers an on-site Health Care Center featuring assisted living, comprehensive nursing care and specialized memory care, as needed.

Residents enjoy private rooms; audiology, dental, and podiatry services; physical, occupational, and speech-language therapy; a therapeutic garden, a wellness clinic staffed with a primary care physician, specialists, and a nurse practitioner. Two on-staff licensed social workers also assist residents throughout the continuum of care.

Dining is an important part of the healthcare environment at Edenwald. All three meals and snacks are provided in convenient and welcoming dining rooms located in each healthcare area. Healthcare residents are also welcome to dine in any of the four independent-living venues as well. (There is an additional fee for the Pub/Bistro.)

Please follow the link below to view the Maryland Health Care Commission's 2016 Family Satisfaction Survey for Edenwald.