High School Students
Edenwald encourages high school students to visit and take advantage of our volunteer opportunities. Volunteering is an excellent opportunity to fulfill the Maryland service-learning graduation requirements. Examples of volunteer activities for students at Edenwald include one-on-one interaction playing cards or other games, or reading books to residents. Other activities include calling bingo numbers or helping with art class. No matter what the activity, it is always an enriching and fun experience for the both the volunteer and the Edenwald residents.

Pets on Wheels
Edenwald also welcomes Pets on Wheels volunteers. All pets first must be approved by Pets on Wheels (www.pgpetsonwheels.org). Certification and health records must be submitted prior to visiting residents at Edenwald.

For detailed information about scheduling volunteer service hours, please contact recreational therapist Karen Baranauskas at 410-339-6146.